The Best Craftopia Server Hosting

Updated May 2022

Choosing the best Craftopia Server hosting is frustrating.


There are lots of options, and every game server host claims to be the best host in town.


We’ve narrowed things down to the best Craftopia server hosting providers with the aim of making it just a little easier.

Craftopia is a survival game that combines the excitement of Sandbox, Open-world, Survival and Hack-and-slash games. Players can chop trees for resources, mine stones for weapons and fight to survive against mobs. Craftopia also offers many other activities such as farming, collecting loots in dungeons and automating activity through factories.

Craftopia: What is it?

Craftopia is an upcoming sandbox game developed by Japanese indie studio Pocketpair available on Steam as an Early Access entry. 



Craftopia is a new and upcoming crafting game that has been gaining popularity. The game is simple to understand yet difficult to master, which makes it perfect for players of all ages. In Craftopia, players must use their creativity and imagination to create various objects and structures out of materials they gather in the game world. The possibilities are endless, and players can spend hours upon hours exploring and building in the game.


– Collect loots in dungeons as in Hack-and-slash,

– Automate activities as in Factory management,

– Hunt monsters and creatures as in Hunting action,

– Cast magical spells as in Fantasy RPG.

– Chop trees and mine stones as in Sandbox,

– Explore the world as in Open-world,

– Fight the hunger as in Survival,

– Cultivate and harvest as in Farming,



In the game, you can grow 20+ different crops and grow them one at a time or in large-scale fields. You can also create colorful orchards while living self-sufficiently.


Industrialization and Automation

Use automation which is possible for every single item that is gatherable. Use belts and conveyors to make a massive factory to automate the entire process.



Monster’s Prism lets you catch monsters as pets. You don’t just get cows and deer, you can catch most of the monsters too!


Exploring Dungeons

You can encounter bosses at the end of a dungeon for leveling up. Dungeons change their shape every time you enter them, and this is where you can find treasures too. When you encounter a boss, the beeping detector tells you to get to town and equip yourself with upgrades before going into the dungeon again.



Want to fish? This is possible in Craftopia. You can also build ships and catch whales! Craft a shield from turtle shells as well to defend yourself!



You can craft any vehicle you want to explore the world. Hoverboards, motorbikes, helicopters, automobiles, biplanes, tanks, air balloons, and machinery… You can share your adventures with others in real-time.


Skill Tree

There are a variety of skills to learn in Craftopia (Over 100! of them) so that your character can be skillfully crafted. Some characters might prefer crafting-related skills while some may be better off learning swordsmanship or automation (or anything you want to try!). Your job will vary depending on what you want to pursue among the many opportunities and possibilities present in Craftopia.


Character Creation

Gender/sex, race, hairstyle, eyes, faces, skin tones, facial hairs, face painting, you can customize all of them!

What You Need to Know About Craftopia Servers

Craftopia is a game that enables users to set up and manage their own game server for the game Craftopia which is available on Steam. Having a game server of your own is a popular choice for those looking to create a private server for themselves and their friends, or for those who want to host a public server for others to join.


Craftopia servers can be hosted on either Windows or Linux operating systems, and there are a number of different hosting providers that offer Craftopia server hosting plans. When choosing a provider, it is important to consider the price, features, and support offered.


The most popular mode is ‘survival’, which tasks players with scavenging for resources and crafting items in order to survive in an inhospitable world. There are also ‘creative’ and ‘adventure’ modes, which offer different gameplay experiences. Once the game mode has been selected, it is time to choose the map on which the server will be based. There are a number of different maps available, each with its own unique biome and set of challenges.

How to Choose a Craftopia Server

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing a Craftopia server. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:


1. Location: Where is the server located? If you’re looking for a low-ping server, you’ll want to choose one that’s close to your location.

2. Hardware: What kind of hardware is the server running on? You’ll want to make sure it’s powerful enough to handle all the players that will be on it.

3. Features: What kind of features does the server host have? Some hosts have special plugins or modifications that can make the game more fun or interesting or provide unique features only found at that specific host.

4. Support: Does the provided support the host gives meet your needs? For example, live chat, Discord support, or simply just ticket support. 


Now we have covered the basics, let’s find you a server host using our comparison lists.

Hosting Provider

Trustpilot Score

Hosting Resources

Hosting Features

Ping Perfect


GTX Gaming


Zap Hosting





Best Craftopia Server Hosts – Ordered By Cheapest Price

Prices Last Updated May 2022

This list grabs the Craftopia server hosting basic plan prices and orders them into a quick to view cost comparison.

Plans are based on the lowest slot count available and cheapest for a monthly plan.

Hosting Provider

Trustpilot Score

Hosting Resources


Zap Hosting



$6.51 /mo




$10.40 /mo

GTX Gaming



$11.92 /mo

Ping Perfect



$12.16 /mo

Have Some Questions?

What is a Craftopia server?

A Craftopia server is a hosting service for the online game Craftopia. The server provides a place for players to connect and play together. It also offers features such as voice chat, mods, and other customization options.

What is the importance of choosing the best Craftopia server hosting?

There are many reasons why it is important to choose the best Craftopia. One of the most important reasons is because it can impact the performance of your game. If you choose a server that is not well-optimized, you may experience lag or other performance issues.

Additionally, a good server host will offer good customer support in case you run into any problems. Another reason to choose a good host is because it can impact the stability of your game. A good host will have servers that are always online and have little to no downtime.

It is vital to research and find the best solution for you!

Do all Craftopia Server Hosts have control panels?

When you subscribe to a shared game server host, they’ll give you access to a control panel, which often comes with TCAdmin2. This is the most common panel and allows you to customize your game server with easy-to-use tools.

No matter which hosting service you choose, it is important to look for a control panel that has the features you need and is easy to use. The hosting service is pointless if the control panel is difficult to use.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a type of hosting that uses virtual private servers. A VPS is a physical server that has been divided into multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server can run its own operating system and apps and can be rebooted independently. This allows businesses to have their own dedicated server without having to pay for the entire thing.

This is ideal for users who want to run a Craftopia server without a control panel but without the cost of a full-on dedicated server which can cost a lot more.

Which Craftopia server hosting plan should I choose?

If you're looking for Craftopia server hosting, you'll need to decide which plan is right for you. The most important factor to consider is how many players you want to be able to accommodate.

If you're just starting out, you may want to choose a smaller plan. But if you're expecting a lot of traffic, you'll need to choose a larger plan.

Another factor to consider is whether you want a dedicated server or a shared server. A dedicated server will provide you with more control and flexibility, but it will also be more expensive. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which factors are most important to you and choose the plan that best meets your needs.

A good host will offer the ability to change upgrade options at any time!

What if I have a question that is not listed here?

Please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form and we shall happily add or answer any queries you may have. You can also consult our blog posts for more information.