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Updated 2022


Prices starting from:

$11.02 /mo

For 10 slots, and 8GB RAM.

About GTXGaming

GTXGaming is a game server hosting provider owned Matthew Griffin, created in 2008. It is one of the largest and well known game server hosting providers that exist. Collectively hosting well over 120,000 game servers among the games they offer.

Specification Value
PC. (Steam / Epic)
Yes, for a fee. ($7.34)
24 hours (1 Day)
Yes, free.
Yes, with mod manager GUI and 1 click installs.
Yes, both mods and game files.
Yes. Provided as standard.
Yes. Live chat, tickets and email.

Game Server Hosts

Pre Sales Questions

These queries are made in the GTX Gaming Discord. With replies made by GTX staff/Moderators

30 minutes max after payment is confirmed, if you paid with PayPal, payment confirms instantly and automatically.

You can upgrade and downgrade your server at any time, once you pay for a change it will send you an invoice to pay for the change and it'll be rectified in your invoice at your billing period too.

The amount of RAM needed will depend on if you run any mods, and what map size you use. You can upgrade and downgrade your server at any time.

The offsite backups and backups are generated each time you start your server and you can create a backup whenever you wish via the control panel.

It's mainly by ticket system, we have 24/7 support on tickets, but you are free to ask me anything here in discord I'm basically available all days almost the entire day, but if I'm not around, tickets are 24/7.


Tickets are accessed through your client area of our website. 

The models we use are Intel E3 up to Ryzen 5950x / i9 12900ks depends on the cpu speed you order

The exact CPU model you will get when you order, it's random, it's by clock speed you order not by model, if you choose 4.2ghz it can go on certain E3 models, and even Intel / Ryzen models with that speed.
Multiple CPU models/brands use the same/similar clock speeds, your server gets created (where's a free slot) in one of those CPUs that run on the clock speed you ordered.
But if for some reason you looking after a specific model, once you order, I can try to see in what CPU model it went, and move you to the model you want (needs to match the cpu clock you ordered).

Dedicated servers are normally ready within 24 - 48 hours, but can be sooner!

You can run mods on your Terraria server, including TModLoader.


You have 5GB of free ram. If your server uses over that, it will shut down until started again. You can upgrade and downgrade your maximum ram at any time.

Nope. You can choose the location where your server is hosted. There are a few locations to choose from in the US.

Full Atlas map it's 255 grids, 1 server = 1 grid.
You can order any amount of servers you want, most common its 2x2 (4 servers) or 3x3 (9 servers)

Hi yes, we support TestLive updates, once you get your Conan Server, install TestLive Update from the Mod Manager button.

Yes, you can add any mods! We have the most popular ones as 1 click easy install also.

Try this new tool we are doing

Yes, auto wipe auto update included.

Servers should create the server in 30 minutes after payment, unless some problem with the payment, in that case, open a support ticket from your client area to have it looked into.

Supports 100% ARK, and very limited features on Dayz, doesn't support space, Valheim, or Project Zomboid. On that specific but it's not possible, I think there are some specific bots for Dayz, etc, but we just host that one but with a cheap VPS package, you can host any bot.

Hello - it doesn't automatically update. You'll need to use the "Update Server" button on your game panel.

You can upload a save to the server using the control panel. Mods are not supported for Satisfactory. 🙂

You will have full access to the config files to increase block limits and such. You can also upgrade and downgrade your server resources at any time from your client area.


There is no free trial but there is a 24-hour refund policy, so you can always pick up a server and try it.

Advantages of GTXGaming

1. Over 14 years of experience. Since GTX have been around for so long you can be sure you will be taken care of with their knowledge and experience.
2. Global Coverage: Having locations all over the world ensures you can have a server closest to you which makes for the best ping.
3. These guys offer a large number of games: With over 100 games to choose from and new games releasing you can be sure to be able to play the games you want when you want.
4. Hardware. GTXGaming claim to utilise the i9 9900k which is a powerful 5.0ghz processor. These machines are some of the strongest in the game server market.

Pros & Cons of Using GTXGaming




GTXGaming is a renowned game server hosting provider which has a long-standing history of providing dedicated gaming solutions for client needs. This also comes with the benefit that the prices on offer are also very competive.


We can see from TrustPilot that GTXGaming receives a large number of reviews in comparison to other providers and in turn have a very high rating, the majority of which were positive. The odd negative does however appear and we can see from TrustPilot’s transparency that GTXGaming has taken steps to ensure its score is accurate by reporting reviews it deems against Trustpilot guidelines. flagged 14 of their reviews a total of 15 times.
7% of those cases turned out to be invalid.


Whilst this would seem like quite a high number of reviews this only equals 1 per month in the last 12 months and most were legitimate and correctly flagged by GTXGaming. This indicates the majority of GTXGaming reviews are positive.


GTXGaming has some extremely powerful hardware on offer with the Intel i9 9900k for shared hosting game servers. Also with a valued support team to back you up you can be certain you are in good hands. They also offer a selection of dedicated servers, web hosting, and voice hosting for all your gaming needs.