Is it time to get a dedicated Valheim server in 2022? 

Dedicated Valheim servers are a great way to play with your friends and host a community and make sure that they are always accessible. But with so many options out there which one is the best for you in 2022? Read on to find out!

What is Shared Valheim Server Hosting?

This is the mainstay of game server hosting. Shared hosting has been around as long as websites exist and comprise placing as many servers onto one machine to provide them as cheaply as possible. Whilst great for the budget it often than not is terrible for performance. Though this has come a long way over the years Valheim server hosting can be found as cheap as $10.00 and as high as $100+ and in all this cost you are still in a shared position.

Shared hosting still has its place but there are much faster and better technology solutions out there due to advances over the years.

One big benefit still however is most providers will provide the game for you ready at the time of purchase with a control panel for easy access to configure your game server.

What is VPS Cloud Server Hosting?

Virtual Private Server Hosting is a type of cloud hosting that provides dedicated servers that are owned and operated by the provider. This type of service is perfect for gamers and often the next step up from shared game server hosting. With more control over your server files and for those that need a higher level of service than shared hosting can offer. In addition to greater control, VPS hosting offers numerous advantages over shared hosting, including greater scalability and security and removing the “shared” aspect from the equation. 

When it comes to a dedicated Valheim server though your need to know a little bit more as it won’t come pre-setup but its fairly straight forward and the files come with a guide.

Obtaining a VPS server from ScalaHosting for your dedicated Valheim server will have you up and running in no time at all. Better yet the resources you buy are your own and not shared with other users and the cost is cheaper than some of the shared game server providers. In our eyes, that’s a win-win and not to mention they have a proven track record of top customer service and products!


What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

A dedicated server is a server that is specifically set up and configured for one customer and is very similar to VPS hosting but in this case your be acquiring a full bare metal dedicated machine in a data center. This means that the dedicated server is not shared with any other customers and it has its own resources (processor, memory, storage, etc.) that are assigned to the customer. Dedicated servers are often used by large businesses or organizations that need their own dedicated infrastructure but often enough by Valheim Server owners.

Dedicated servers can be a great option for gamers who want to build a community of servers that needs a high-powered server with plenty of resources. 

Add Windows and just like VPS hosting you will be away to hosting your own machine in no time at all, remove the need for shared hosting altogether.

Which should you choose in 2022?

Really this depends on your needs and budget but in nearly all cases dedicated and VPS is the way to go, as they simply can cost the same as shared hosting and remove the shared hosting aspect from the equation.

You can always start with Shared hosting and upgrade later following the upgrade path: Shared Hosting > VPS > Dedicated Server which is often the go to route for gaming servers.

If your looking to host multiple game servers and want to get the best option available then go for dedicated as it’s the only way to know for sure that you will have the entire server resources to yourself and allows you to make many games at once.

Though if your budget is a bit stricter we highly recommend reviewing a VPS provider over Shared hosting as they often cost very much the same and do not fear about not knowing how to set things up. There are plenty of guides out there and your provider should be able to assist you as well if they have a managed plan. 

Though if you do not feel like you could set up your own dedicated machine or VPS then a shared host will aid in the form of pre setup games that you can buy and start playing in minutes.