RUST Server Host: 3 Critical Areas to Consider

Are you thinking about starting a RUST server? If so, there are three critical areas you need to consider before making the jump.

24/7 Technical support

There are a few critical areas you’ll want to take into account when choosing a RUST server host. 24/7 technical support should be at the top of your list. Why?
Because a RUST server can be a complex beast, and things can go wrong at any time – day or night. If you don’t have access to technical support when things go wrong, you’re in for a world of hurt. Trust me, I’ve been there.
Other important factors include uptime, pricing, and scalability. Uptime is important because you don’t want your server going down in the middle of a raid. Pricing is important because, well, we all have budgets. Scalability is important because as your community grows, you’ll need more resources to meet their needs.
When it comes to 24/7 technical support, there are really only two options: live chat and ticketed support. Live chat is great because it’s instant and you can get help right away. Ticketed support is also great because it’s usually faster than live chat (since you’re not waiting in a queue) and you can keep track of your issue until it’s resolved. Though live chat can often be faster it really depends on the issue and rep you get.

Guaranteed performance

When it comes to hosting a RUST server, there are a few key areas that you need to consider. One of the most important is guaranteed performance and uptime guarantee.
You need to make sure that your server will be able to handle the number of players that you expect. If your server is constantly crashing or lagging, players will quickly become frustrated and stop playing.
Lastly, ensure you know the hardware you receive from your game server host and that it meets the needs you require.


The location of your RUST server is important as it will impact which players can connect to it. If you want players from all over the world to be able to connect to your server, you’ll need to choose a location that has good internet connectivity. However, most importantly the Rust server browser only shows servers that are close to the player as it is geo-locked per player. If you want your server to be populated from players in your area then ensure it’s local to you as not even you see the server if it’s not in your area geographically.

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